3 easy steps to set ANDROID_HOME environment variable in mac permanently

As an android developer some times you need to use terminal commands. I mostly use it to connect my testing device wirelessly. If the ANDROID_HOME path is not set it can be annoying to set path every time you use ADB command. Following are the 3 steps you can follow to set ANDROID_HOME path permanently.

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Open terminal and open bash_profile in edit mode

Simply open your terminal(you can use command+space and type terminal hit enter). and write following command.

vim ~/.bash_profile

(Here is a secret! You can use nano as well to edit bash_profile)

Press ‘i’ key for inserting text.

Add your Android SDK path as below:

export ANDROID_HOME=/Users/$USER/Library/Android/sdk
export PATH=$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools:$PATH
export PATH=$ANDROID_HOME/tools/bin:$PATH

Once added press [Esc] key and write “:wq” and hit [return] for write the file and quit.

Step 2: Update changes in terminal

In this step you tell the system that some chnages are added to the user_profile file. To update changes write following command and hit enter.

source ~/.bash_profile

Step 3: Test the ADB commands

Now validate the path variable as below:

echo $PATH

All set now test ADB commands. Try running any command like one below.

adb devices

All set! All the best for your new app.

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