A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies

reader lives a thousand lives

A reader lives a thousand lives. There are people who love reading and others who hate it. As we get older we build experiences in life, we start understanding relationships closely, our decision making gets more efficient, we start thinking more clearly, this all comes from our past experiences. A person named Jeanne Louise Calment lived for 122 years and 164 days but according to studies average human lifespan is 79 years. Through our lifespan we cannot get to experience everything on a planet. We live only one life, what surrounds us help us create experiences.

Thankfully, all the knowledge and experiences are stored in the form of books. They are easily available to everyone and are inexpensive relative to the knowledge bound inside. When writer writes a book she puts all the thoughts and experiences inside it. She edit rewrite her work to make it best. Also writer is a reader at heart. She adds up all her experiences as well as other people experiences in a small book. Think about some of the greatest writer like William Shakespeare his writing have a profound influence on language, literature, theater and culture. He has made a significant contribution to the English literature through his work on Drama or Plays. Reading and analyzing his work also provide insight into the culture and society around those times.

Importance of reading

What reading does ultimately is keep alive the dangerous and exhilarating idea that a life is not a sequence of lived moments, but a destiny. The time of reading, the time defined by the author’s language resonating in the self, is not the world’s time, but the soul’s.  The energies that otherwise tend to stream outward through a thousand channels of distraction are marshaled by the cadences of the prose; they are brought into focus by the fact that it is an ulterior, and entirely new, world that the reader has entered.  The free-floating self–the self we diffusely commune with while driving or walking or puttering in the kitchen–is enlisted in the work of bringing the narrative to life. In the process, we are able to shake off the habitual burden of insufficient meaning and flex our deeper natures.    

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” 
― George R.R. Martin, A Dance With Dragons. 

When we read we are in the character of writer. We start experiencing different things written in books.  
I don’t know about other people.
When I read a book. I put in all the imagination I can. So that it is almost like writing a book as well as reading it. Or rather, it is like living it. It makes reading so much more exciting, but I don’t suppose many people try to do it.

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