Brainstorming for problem solving

Brainstorming for problem solving is one of the most common types of informal invention. Brainstorming involves expert as well as novice peoples, their ideas are different, sometimes out of box. Although brainstorming comes in handy in many situations where creative, cognitive thinking is required, it can be particularly handy when writing. It gives us such ideas which we never thought of.

Brainstorming problem solving

Steps for brainstorming for problem solving

  1. Create a mind map: We can only create mind map if we have enough knowledge of problem. First understand problem then solve it.
  2. Decide time: This is most important. At particular time our brain can brainstorm optimally. Find that time and use it. It can be any time that you feel would put your brainstorming sessions to their full potential.
  3. Go on writing: Even if you have to write down an idea that’s completely stupid and wouldn’t work, it’s better than stopping and interrupting the creative flow. While writing don’t think logical let your right brain come up with ideas. You will get stunned with new ideas you never thought of.
  4. Assume that no word is self-explanatory: Continue to focus on one topic word until you cannot describe it with any further detail. In other words, take a deeper look at an individual or minute part of a larger whole.
  5. As your thoughts slow or become stagnant, begin to review your lists periodically. Previous terms may need further explanation, or may bring forth new ideas to the surface.
  6. If you have a sufficient collection of good ideas, begin to work on the rough draft. If more ideas are needed, try other informal invention techniques such as freewriting or mapping.
  7. Use online tools such as 420fables to make freewriting a regular part of your daily writing discipline.
  8. Utilizing a dictionary, search for random words. Close your eyes and place your finger on the page or choose the most attractive word as you scan through the pages. Write these words down as well as any other thoughts that may be in relation to these words. Another good tool for selecting random words can be found here.

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