Do you choose boredom over your life?

Right now virus spread around the world confined us in our houses. No peaceful walks on beaches, no long rides on country roads, no eating out in expensive restaurants, there’s a long list. Seems like years passed without exhaustive treks and hangouts with friends. This stuck feeling is not going anywhere.

Bored of being bored because being bored is boring!

If you are doing something which does not interest you or fill you with enthusiasm. There is no point of doing that shit it will ultimately lead you to boredom. Once the English teacher asked students to write an essay on boredom. Next day students brought their writings for assessment. Some students wrote three pages whereas some wrote two. But one student just wrote a single line, it says, “I started writing and got bored!”. Just like that boredom can grab you so badly.

Boredom, reluctance, lack of enthusiasm, can lead you to depression which can cause cardiovascular diseases. People who get bored frequently their body start discharging certain dangerous hormones that can expose them to heart conditions. Addictions, like smoking or alcoholism, are habits that begin to be acquired thanks to the anxiety caused by boredom and lack of meaning in life.

So what is healthy then? It is the proper level of stress, which means having enough enthusiasm for all the time and therefore the desire to live.

Last week I met an elderly man. Living for 83 years with full of energy and enthusiasm. He was a primary school teacher. His house is surrounded by acres and acres of the farm. I asked him “who manages all this farm?” he said, “I do.” And he started showing me his farm. But when I reminded him of his age then he started telling me a story.

He said, “A month back I met a man who was climbing stairs. He asked me to help him climb. Later, he started telling me about his list of diseases including diabetes and heart condition. He was completely overwhelmed by his diet and medication. Later he thanked me and asked to come for his 70th birthday. Also promised me that he will come to my 70th birthday!!!”

At my surprise 70-year-old person saying to 83 years old that he will come to his 70th birthday. Isn’t it a joke! We both started laughing. Then what he said will stay with me forever. He said,

“Age should not control you, It’s you who control age.”

I often see people lose interest in life after getting retired. The irony is that they live their whole life working for better tomorrow in the process they stop living in a moment. Once they retire the purpose of their life ends and they start waiting for their death.

So how can you choose life and not boredom?

For 50 years Bob Dylan is releasing great songs. He gets over the boredom of playing the same songs for decades but completely reinventing them. He gives his music bold new arrangements and transforms them in a live setting. It tends to annoy people who aren’t his fans and turn up to his shows hoping he still plays Blowing in the Wind they way he recorded it in the sixties, but his legions of dedicated fans eagerly await new interpretations. It kept him performing around 100 shows every year since 1988.

Bob Dylan playing guitar
Bob Dylan Singing

I am not a wise old man to give any advice. I think Boring people get bored! You are the problem, not the situation. The good news is that you can fix the problem of being boring. Think about the art and the artists who changed the world. The people and the stuff they create that will be enjoyed, written about, talked about, and taught in the universities. Learn about those artists & consume their art. Do so every day. If you do what I’m telling you, you will not be boring; therefore, you won’t get bored. Adding creativity to life can change it drastically. I think boredom is a signal of our lazy thinking, there are so many things to learn, listen, watch and enjoy.


Life is a gift one should always admire. Each day is unique and new. You can experiment and learn new things. Each morning is a new beginning its an opportunity to add value to your life, add meaning to your existence. Make your life adventurous.

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