Goal setting and how to achieve them

Deciding what you want to accomplish and how to reach there is an important part in life. Goal setting help you achieve what you truly need in life. But just setting goal is not enough you have to follow certain paths to reach there. Here are some of simple tricks to goal setting.

Say Goodbye to Some of the People You Love

Progress is sometimes met with resistance. If you begin to grow the people you love might, unintentionally, try and impede your progress. Distance yourself from some of the people you are closest to who resist you to achieve your goal, so you can have time to grow without distractions.

love you partner

Get Out of Town

I recommend moving in a lot of my answers, it can be the catalyst to a metamorphosis. You can pick new friends that will inspire you. You will also be able to cultivate new habits easier since you’re in a new city and will have completely different habit triggers.

Throw Out the TV, Install Porn Blocker, Use Internet Controls

Get rid of your TV, set a porn blocker on your computer and give your friend the password, and set internet controls, like the app Self Control, every morning. No one has died wishing they watched more TV and Porn.

Practice more

Pick a skill you want to cultivate and put all your effort into mastering it. Only practice can help you getting better at the skill you need. By this you will be one step closer to your goal

Welcome the Loneliness

Reinventing yourself is a lonely process. Getting better is a lonely pursuit, that’s why the internet calls it “Monk Mode.” Loneliness gives you more time to think about all the possible solution to your problems to achieve your set goals.

Sweat Every Day

Your physiology controls your emotion and your emotions control your thoughts. When you sweat you feel more alive, which puts you in a better mood, which give you more positive thoughts and better ideas, which will have you making better decisions. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people just make better decisions more often. By doing workout everyday your energy level increases which help you achieve set goal.

sweat everyday

Appreciate How Lucky You Are

Stop complaining for a second and take a moment to appreciate the fact that you exist. That you have access to a computer, that you can read, that you can eat for fun, that you have access to clean water. Just take a moment to be thankful for the fact that you can breathe, remember that there will be a day where even breathing won’t be an option.

Commit and Don’t Look Back

Look at your goal, realize what sacrifices you will have to make, mitigate damages where you can, but once you commit, don’t waste time looking back – look forward and strategize.

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