How to smart work for more efficiency

It is said that hard work beats talent. Working efficiently can make you more creative. Smart work always saves you time.

Following is a list of hacks you can use to be more efficient and productive, some smart work tips:

Find your biological prime time.

This is the time when your mind is naturally most focused. Find it out and schedule some uninterrupted work time accordingly.

Schedule 1-2 hours just for yourself.

Having a scheduled block of uninterrupted work time, will allow you to fully focus on your tasks

Stop multitasking.

Multitasking reduces your efficiency and performance, draining your energy faster.

Divide big tasks into small tasks.

This will not only make the task more concrete and actionable, but it also makes it seem smaller and easier to start.

Tackle the worst task first.

This will give you a sense of relief and energise you for the rest of your tasks.

Do everything that takes less than 2 minutes, right away.

Pretty straightforward. Just do it.

Use the Pomodoro Technique.

Time management techniques allows you to prevents burnouts and you will increases efficiency. Work on just one task for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break and repeat. Make a bigger break after 3 sessions.

Eat “brain” food.

Blueberries, nuts and seeds, leafy green vegetables, avocados, fish and dark chocolate are great to boost your brainpower.

Use room scents.

Certain scents positively influence your mood and mindset. Citrus stimulate alertness and revitalise the senses. Rosemary is perfect for fighting physical exhaustion in the morning; cinnamon improves focus and concentration; peppermint boosts energy and clear thinking.

Drink coffee strategically.

Drink coffee between 09:30-11:30 AM and 1:30-5:00 PM when your natural cortisol level drops.

Watch your working hours.

Working more than 50 hours per week, will produce no greater results than people who work less.

Set a deadline for each task.

Having a deadline and limiting the time-frame for each task will allow you to focus and get things done faster.


If 70% of something can be done by someone else, delegate it.

Use waiting time for small tasks.

Gaps are great for answering quick emails, reaching out to somebody or read the news.

Track your time.

Knowing where your time goes will help you to act on it and save more time in the future. 

Do similar tasks together.

It helps you to optimise your time instead of wasting it by switching between those tasks throughout your day.

Do email response batching.

Schedule exact times when you are going to check and answer to emails. In-between just delete spam and check if something is urgent.

Improve your typing speed.

Having great typing skills will help you to be more efficient when writing.

Learn speed reading.

This way you can read more and faster, saving time.

Set the office thermostat to 70-72°F (21–22ºC).

Any temperature above 73ºF (23°C) or below 68°F (20°C) decreases your productivity by 10%.

Use a standing desk.

Don’t sit the whole day. Standing transmits a sense of urgency and allows you to be focused on the completion of your task.

Have a plant on your desk.

Having plants nearby increases productivity and indoor air quality.

Clean your desk when you’re leaving the office.

Chaos and clutter distract you and limit your ability to focus and to process information.

Take a power nap.

Naps boost cognition, memory, performance, reaction times and alertness.

10-20 minutes naps are best to boost focus and productivity.

Procrastinate or Surf the web for 10 minutes.

This will make you feel refreshed and ultimately boost your productivity.

So in conclusion smart people do smart work for doing more in less time.

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